Code of Conduct

Students Conduct and Discipline

As a universal higher institution of learning, the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi is a meeting point of people of diverse backgrounds from all over the globe. It is a place where people acquire, as well as contribute to the common pool of human knowledge, irrespective of their cultural peculiarities. In this universal community, every one’s culture, race, religion as well as opinions are respected. It is therefore expected that, after participating successfully in this University community for the duration of your course, you are deemed to have been groomed to take your place as cultured, polished and civilized citizens.


Campus life is full of dangers and temptations as well as opportunities for the young students, majority of whom are in their teens and twenties. Some of these dangers and temptations nowadays include secret cults, drug abuse, acquisitive tendencies motivated by the desire to enjoy the “good” things in life, the need for recognition and so forth. These combine with the natural urge of the young to struggle for justice, equity and progress to make the campus full of vitality. Students at their age find it very difficult to separate the desirables from the undesirables, and so, very often, dubious elements manage to use the innocence and good intentions of the majority to wreak havoc and, in the process, destroy the innocent.


The Abubakar Tafawa Belewa University, Bauchi expects and advises its students to make mature responses to problem situations and conduct themselves in an exemplary manner during their interactions with all members of the community. Whenever a student of this University is unable to conduct him/herself in a responsible manner and as a responsible member of the community and violates the University regulations, the other members of the community feel that they have an obligation to assist him or her to review his or her actions so that he or she can live peacefully with the other members of the community. Fellow students are the first line of assistance in this respect, as they use various civilized methods to guide their colleagues along the proper path. Other relevant units in the University also assist in counseling students to that effect.


However, situations warrant that a student should be brought to the Student Disciplinary Committee, which comprises both the staff and the student members of the University. This is a serious matter, as it means that all other methods to get student to correct his or her actions have failed, and that he or she has now committed a very serious act of misconduct.

The Dress Code

All students should note that the authorities of all tertiary institutions in the country have been directed by government to check the prevalence of indecent dressing, which as identified as one of the problems afflicting the nation’s tertiary institutions. Just as the war on cultism, the Government in the same vein directed for an all-out war against the menace of indecent dressing.


In view of that, all students are strongly advised to adhere to the following dress code:


Male Students


  1. Shirt and trousers or complete native suit
  2. Two-piece native attire or complete native dress
  3. Two-piece French suit or decent jeans


Female Students


  1. Skirt, which must be knee-long
  2. Long and short sleeve blouse
  3. Kaftan/Boubou
  4. Complete native dress
  5. Trouser suit


Prohibited Dress


Body hugs, spaghetti tops, tubes, bandless jeans, mono straps, face caps, flat caps (panama), bowler hats, transparent apparels, and dresses that expose sensitive parts of the body.


Any action that is contrary to University regulations is an act of misconduct. These regulations cover every aspect of life on campus. These include:

  1. Regulations governing the conduct of examinations
  2. Regulations governing hall and room occupancy
  3. Traffic Regulations
  4. Regulations governing students’ registration
  5. Regulations governing the activities of students’ clubs and associations
  6. Dress Code

It is mandatory for every student in the University to abide by the University Regulations and assist his or her fellow students to do likewise. However, every student shall be individually responsible for his or her actions.

Some offenses and sanctions applied when committees are listed below for students’ guidance:


Offence Penalty
Illegal rallies and assembly
Disturbances such as inter and intra clubs and societies conflict
Warning or Expulsion

Illegal rallies and assembly                                  –           Expulsion

Disturbances such as inter and intra

clubs and societies conflict                                  –           Warning or Expulsion

Religious fanatics and intolerance                       –           Expulsion

Sourcing, possession and/or distribution

of illegal handbills, any provocative material      –           Expulsion

Fighting fellow students,                                     –           Warning, Rustication or Expulsion

Fighting staff in pursuit of his or her

legitimate duties                                                  –           Rustication or Expulsion, Staff to be

                                                                                          Referred to the Registrar

Willful damage to University property                –           Replacement of Damaged property

                                                                                          at current value in cash or in kind, or

                                                                                          warning or expulsion, or denial of

                                                                                          facility at the point of damage

Stealing                                                                 –           Expulsion

Physical assault and/or causing bodily hurt        

on any other person whether a student or not    –           Warning or Expulsion

False claims and forgery                                      –           Expulsion

Appearing before University Committees to

give false evidence that may mislead the

University Authority                                              –           Rustication for two semesters if

                                                                                          Proved against him/her

Rape                                                                      –           Expulsion


Embezzlement                                                      –           Refund, warning or expulsion

Drug abuse and use of prohibited substance       –           Expulsion and handing over

                                                                                          To appropriate security agency

Possession of or drinking of alcohol on campus  –           Warning to Expulsion

Misappropriation and unauthorized use of

University premises/buildings and other

properties                                                             –           Warning or Expulsion

Replacement Belonging to or participating

in the activities of unregistered associations,

including secret cults                                            –           Warning to expulsion

Possession of fire arms and/or any dangerous

weapons                                                               –           Expulsion and Handing over student

                                                                                          to appropriate security agency

Organizing and/or taking part in a demonstration

or a march by anyone other than the Student    

Union Government                                               –           Expulsion        

Harboring or accommodating persons without

permission/approval                                            –           Expulsion from hall; Warning to                                                                                                  Expulsion

Male entry into female hostel at any time          –           Expulsion

Female entry into male rooms after 10:00pm    –           Warning to Expulsion

Persistent rowdy and/or antisocial behavior       –           Warning to Expulsion

Unauthorized transfer of bed spaces                   –           Expulsion from hall and banning

from being accommodated on campus in the future

Failure to return/release University property            –           Withholding of results and