Directorate and Centers

For ease of administration and to effectively share resources, the University consists of several Directorates and Centers. Each of these is headed by a Director appointed by the Vice-Chancellor for an initial tenure of two (2) years renewable for another two years.

The services offered by Directorates and Centers are specialized and opened to the entire University in most cases, and in some cases are opened to members of the public.

A list of some of the Directorates and Centers is given below.

Brief on the Academic Planning Unit

The Academic Planning Unit is headed by a professor as a director who is directly responsible to the Vic-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration of the unit.  The unit assists and advices the Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to academic planning and quality assurance of the university, including issues pertinent to staff development programmes.


  1. Ensure that growth in the population of students and staff is manageable and sustainable, and that academic standards are not compromised.
  2. Consider applications for new programmes, scrutinizing their curricula to ensure that they meet minimum academic standards of the National Universities Commission, and forwarding such to Senate for approval, before any formal request is made to NUC.
  3. Consider entry requirements for new courses as well as changes in entry requirements for already established courses, and recommend such to Senate for approval.
  4. Consider requests by other institutions wishing to become an affiliate of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, the curricula, staffing and equipment for such institutions are evaluated and appropriate recommendations are then made to Senate.
  5. Compile student and staff statistics of the University and forward to Federal Government bodies that may require it. Such bodies include the National Universities Commission that uses such data for annual review meetings with universities.
  6. Carry out other duties as may be assigned by the Vice-Chancellor

Other functions are:

  • To implement the minimum academic standards set up by NUC. Such standards include
  • Stipulations on the minimum lecture floor space,
  • Minimum laboratory space and facilities
  • Library facilities per student

Minimum students: staff ratios for effective teaching and learning in any particular academic discipline.

Brief on the Human Resource Development

 The Human Resource Development Directorate was established in 2007.  Due to the cynicism and misconceptions attributed to the certificates issued to graduates of the various courses that were handled by ATBU Investment Limited (ATIL) by employers of Labour, the University Council decided to remove the courses from ATIL and handed over their coordination to the Human Resource Development Directorate in 2007.

Brief on the Linkages

The Directorate came into existence in 1995. The Directorate has a coordinating Committee chaired by the Director of linkages.  A working committee headed by a Coordinator is constituted for every linkage established.  Such Coordinators are members of Coordinating committee.  The Management Board Coordinating committee and the working Committee meet regularly to discuss problems and prospects of various linkages.

Mission of the Directorate:  The Mission of the Directorate is to strengthen the University contacts with other Institutions and agencies and to promote regional and global Cooperation.  The Directorate is to harness available resources from University’s partners and create and atmosphere for joint research and development.

Vision of the Directorate: To accelerate establishment of linkages with government and Non-Governmental Organization, Corporate bodies, Research Centers and Institutions of Higher Learning within and outside the country in pursuance of mutually beneficial activities.

The objective of the Directorate include:-

  1. To effectively monitor and promote the University linkage programmes;
  2. To strengthen the existing linkage and make them more relevant to the University;
  3. To identify potential linkage partners with which the University may develop new linkage agreement.

Presently there are about seventeen academic linkages with the University like, ZERI Foundation Geneva, Switzerland, Oklahoma State University, USA, STYRE Automobile company, Bauchi Development partnership in Higher Education (DelPHE), International Islamic University Malysia (IIU etc).

Brief on the Endowment

The directorate of Endowment was established in the year 2000 with a full mandate of sourcing funds for the University from its Alumni members, philanthropic organizations, corporate bodies as well as individuals and international foundations.  The fund is to help assist the University in augmenting Government allocation in order to sustain and consolidate on the status of the University as a center of excellence.  Significant resources have been realized through the activities of the Directorate.


The function of the Directorate of Endowment is to generate additional revenue to the University apart from the direct activities of the University’ registered company (ATIL) so as to argument government allocation which is grossly inadequate.

Brief on Information and Public Relations

The Information and Public Relations Unit is one of the Units in the Office of the Vice-   Chancellor. The Head of the Unit reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor. The major role of the Unit is to build bridges of understanding and goodwill between the University and its stakeholders as a necessary precursor for the University to fulfill its lofty mandate to the Nigerian people and the world as a whole.



The Unit is sub-divided into the following Sections:

      1. Press Relations

This Section has the role of monitoring the press, contacting the press and receiving/responding to all enquiries from members of the media.

      2. Community Relations

This Section has the sole responsibility of relating with all the important stakeholders for and on behalf of the University.

      3. Publications

They handle official University publications such as the Digest, Calendar, ATBU-A Panoramic View, etc.  The Unit also manages the content of the University website.

      4. Production/Special Events

Here, they superintend over University functions such as airport receptions, convocation, matriculation, orientation and other ceremonies of the University.  They also serve as masters of ceremony at such functions.

      5. Technical

This Section provides and operates Public address system for large lecture halls as well as photographic and video coverage’s of University events.  It maintains a photo library of major University event and personalities.