Department of Library and
Information Science


The Information and Public Relations Unit is one of the Units in the Office of the Vice-   Chancellor. The Head of the Unit reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor. The major role of the Unit is to build bridges of understanding and goodwill between the University and its stakeholders as a necessary precursor for the University to fulfill its lofty mandate to the Nigerian people and the world as a whole.


The Unit is sub-divided into the following Sections:


Press Relations

This Section has the role of monitoring the press, contacting the press and receiving/responding to all enquiries from members of the media.


Community Relations

This Section has the sole responsibility of relating with all the important stakeholders for and on behalf of the University.



They handle official University publications such as the Digest, Calendar, ATBU-A Panoramic View, etc.  The Unit also manages the content of the University website.


Production/Special Events

Here, they superintend over University functions such as airport receptions, convocation, matriculation, orientation and other ceremonies of the University.  They also serve as masters of ceremony at such functions.



This Section provides and operates Public address system for large lecture halls as well as photographic and video coverage’s of University events.  It maintains a photo library of major University event and personalities.