Department of Science


The Science Education Programme which is now called Department of Science Education started in 1983/84 academic session by one Dr. Johnson from USA who was a Fulbright scholar on one year appointment. He produced the first draft of the Science Education Curricular. However, he left at the end of 1983/84 session.


Dr. R. D. Olarinoye (now Professor) came on invitation to continue the noble effort at the beginning of 1984/85 academic year. During the year, the curricular were revised in line with the need of Nigerian Society. Relevant experts from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and few other Nigerian Universities were involved in the curricular review.


The first set of undergraduate degree holders graduated in 1987. Few years later, the programme started Postgraduate studies leading to the Award of Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Master of Education and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.


In 1989/90 academic year, degree programmes in Technology Education started. Other programmes in Computer Education and Integrated Science were introduced in 2000/2001 Academic Session.

In the 2002/03 Academic Session, the Science Education Programme metamorphosed into the present School of Technology Education (Now called Faculty of Technology Education). The FTE now has three Academic Department i.e. Department of Science Education, Department of Vocational and Technology Education and Department of Educational Foundations.

The Department of Science Education has about 35 Academic staff and over 1,400 first degree holders in the various fields of Science and Mathematics Education have been trained, while the turn-out of Master and Doctorate degree holders are 301 and 176 respectively.



The Department of Science Education currently offers the following Undergraduate Programmes:


Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Computer Science Education, Integrated Science Education, Library and Information Science Education, Mathematics Education and Physics Education.


While the following are the Postgraduate Programmes offered:


M.Tech Biology Education, M.Tech Chemistry Education, M.Tech Computer Science Education, M.Tech Integrated Science Education, M.Tech Mathematics Education and M.Tech Physics Education.